About Us

Located in the relatively small town of Lakeville Indiana, nestled just south of South Bend is the brilliantly clean and accomplished Wicked Ways Tattoos.  Upon entering the shop on Highway 31, one is instantly greeted by the clean and artistic atmosphere of this award-winning tattoo shop.

Fine art hangs on the walls as well as traditional books of tattoo flash give the eye plenty to delve into; you can even catch a glimpse the mini-tattoo machine museum, or peruse the crazy assortment of body jewelry and tattoo-aftercare products while chit-chatting about your next work of body art.

You’ll want to stop by and meet the surprisingly humble (considering there much-deserved notoriety!) Rodney Eckenberger and Jason Havens– tattoo artists who welcome you in, and make you feel right at home.  They are here to walk you through the process of getting tattooed as only professionals of this caliber can do.  Bring in your idea and watch them transform it into a breathtaking work of art.

With decades of experience and tattoo know-how between them, the Wicked Ways Tattoo artists bring you the very best in their artistic ability and technical execution of brightly-colored, long-lasting, and highly attractive tattoo art.

At Wicked Ways Tattoo, cleanliness and art-ability go hand-in-hand.  The crew works OVERTIME to ensure a clean tattoo, every single time. They are licensed with the St.Joseph County Health Department, certified and current in Blood-borne Pathogen certification, and monitored monthly by the Confirm autoclave spore-testing.  They use new needles, individually dispersed pigment, and freshly sterilized equipment on every tattoo because they believe great art starts with perfect cleanliness.

Wicked Ways Tattoo is here for your piercing and custom-tattoo enjoyment (and occasionally a puppet show).  The shop minimum begins at $50 (to insure your safety and theirs) and prices of pieces are reasonably priced by the hour.  Piercings by Jason start at $20.

Stop by and see why Wicked Ways Tattoo is the best choice for you and your body.