Jason Havens

Jason at Wicked Ways Tattoo near South Bend, IndianaJason Havens, bad-assed tattooer at Wicked Ways Tattoo in Lakeville, IN is ready to bring you his 8 + years of tattooing experience to sink some serious ink in your skin. A professional through and through, Jason is dedicated and flexible to bring your ideas into the perfect tattoo for your body.

Jason fell in love with tattooing much the same way those others did, watching his friend get a tattoo, and decided that this is what he wanted to do with his life. He’s self-taught and well experienced and a decorated with awards and publications in magazines.

His style leans towards new school and black and grey, but feels his talent is in being flexible—he’s been known for his deeply saturated black-work, biomech and floral designs.

Jason also is the premier piercer at Wicked Ways and enjoys the art of body modification with a clean and professional tattoo.

In his spare time Jason likes to work with charcoal and paper and spend time with his fiancé.

Hit him up and see what the future holds for your tattoos or piercings at Wicked Ways Tattoo 217 South Michigan, Lakeville, IN 46563 or call (574) 784-2985