Rodney Eckenberger

Rodney Eckenberger Working at Wicked Ways TattooRodney Eckenberger , owner and tattoo artist at Wicked Ways Tattoo is the technical master of photo realism tattoo in Lakeville, Indiana; a rock solid artist and tattooer, Rodney is here to bring your skin to life in vibrant imagery.

Rod’s journey to tattoo mastery began very young, excelling in arts through grade school and attending college for Visual Communications. Soon though, his love of tattoo pushed through commercial arts aspirations. Rod found joy in the exquisite art of bringing art through the human canvas. What started out as an appreciation for people and their ideas was coupled with his technical skill for executing a clean solid tattoo.

With 7 years tattooing under his belt, Rodney’s list of accomplishments outside of the shop list beyond all of the magazines in which he’s been featured–past the glory of the “Best of Day” and “Best Pin-up” awards on the convention circuit–and even past the notoriety of Rod’s tremendous skill and notoriety. He believes his finest accomplishments occur everyday when a client is well pleased with the work he’s placed indelibly on their skin forever.

Rodney flexes his artistic muscles outside of work in other mediums too, trying out his ideas and perceptions on watercolor, acrylic, and airbrushing. He enjoys learning more everyday, and feels that the practice of art outside of his job helps him become a better-rounded tattooer.

Outside of work, Rodney enjoys the full life of a family man. He’s in a loving relationship, has two kids, a beautiful pit-bull and a tail-less kitten.

You can call or come by the shop and see his portfolio and meet the fellow yourself at Wicked Ways Tattoo 217 South Michigan, Lakeville, IN 46563 or call (574) 784-2985

Rodney also has a busy year planned on the convention scene and maybe available to tattoo in a city near you—stay tuned to his travel schedule-or hit him up with any questions